Our Conversations in Cleveland and New Orleans were well received and
we are now planning for the fall. If you know of interest in other
cities you believe might welcome them, please contact our Executive
Director, Emilie Barnett

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Communities in Conversation


These can be difficult times and ignorance of our diverse faith traditions can sometimes lead to fear, mistrust and even hatred.    What may appear to be a serious rift in the fabric of our democracy might be attributed to this lack of knowledge.  To assist in overcoming such obstacles Communities in Conversation, Inc. is a non-profit 501 (c) (3)  organization whose mission, through its “Conversations” is:

To provide opportunities for a diverse population with a broad range of
religious backgrounds to meet, converse and learn from each other in
order to fashion expanding circles of awareness, knowledge, sympathy and



The “Conversations” are an informal study and discussion program of the Abrahamic faith traditions.  It invites Christians, Jews and Muslims, as well as those of other or non-faith traditions, to meet and learn about one another’s beliefs.  This exchange offers opportunities to forge friendships with one another as well as cooperation that can benefit the larger community.

Non-clergy facilitators are recruited and trained to lead the discussions.  A Study Guide is provided to the participants at no cost.  College professors as well as clergy serve as resources, extending the knowledge beyond the Study Guide and answering questions the participants may have.

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